Senin, 09 Mei 2016

Truck driver killed in street rage incident on Jacksonville's Westside - WOKV


Officers are searching for a truck driver suspected of taking pictures and killing a further truck driver while they were using on a Jacksonville interstate on Saturday.

Officers stated the driver of a dull orange semi truck with a white trailer on the back began tailgating another semi after it modified lanes on I-10.

the driver of the orange semi pulled alongside the truck, bumped it and opened fireplace on the driver.

the driving force became shot and veered off I-10 into the woods between the Cecil Commerce Parkway and Chaffee highway.

Officers stated the man in his 40s turned into discovered useless in his cab.

Jacksonville Sheriff's workplace are now looking for a person with a beard who was riding an early- to mid-200s truck with an orange cab. 

Florida toll road Patrol and Florida branch of legislations Enforcement have been also investigating.

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