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Three Killed After Amtrak instruct Strikes Pickup Truck in California - ny times

photograph A pickup truck changed into struck by an Amtrak coach close Gregg, Calif., on Friday, killing three people in the car, officials said. credit Silvia Flores/The Fresno Bee, by way of associated Press

Three individuals have been killed when their pickup truck changed into struck by means of an Amtrak teach at a rail crossing north of Fresno, Calif., on Friday, an Amtrak spokeswoman pointed out.

The crash came about round 12:30 p.m. as the train become touring to Bakersfield from Oakland, the spokeswoman, Vernae Graham, noted.

not one of the 217 passengers or the three crew members aboard the train, the San Joaquin, teach 713, had been injured, she said.

The three individuals who have been killed had been all internal the truck, she talked about. Names of the victims had been now not automatically accessible, and it was not clear if there were others inside the automobile.

The crash passed off at a personal railroad crossing alongside a winery in Gregg, Calif. The crossing had indications but no gates, Ms. Graham stated.

Officer Josh McConnell of the California motorway Patrol talked about the truck's driver pulled around a stopped freight coach at a crossing on a personal filth street and became struck by the Amtrak teach traveling on yet another set of tracks, The associated Press mentioned.

The crash gave the impression to have happened, Officer McConnell mentioned, since the freight train changed into blockading the leading street and the truck's driver adopted a dust street parallel to the tracks to discover a method around it.

The locomotive worried in the crash sustained minor harm, Ms. Graham mentioned.

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