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Broward prepares another tow truck crackdown to assist buyers - sun Sentinel

one more tow truck crackdown is coming.

Broward County commissioners has pushed forward a new slate of reforms, atmosphere a June 14 public listening to. The county received challenging with tow truck drivers a few years in the past, and even more challenging remaining 12 months. The most up-to-date legislations would ratchet up the guidelines even additional.

below what's proposed:

• Tow drivers would need to image the car and any seen damage, as well as the alleged parking violation, earlier than towing.

• clients may be certain they might no longer face a "money most effective'' coverage. A old Broward legislation required tow truck companies to let customers pay with credit score cards. The new edition proposes that if the credit card laptop is never working, the client can get the automobile again with out paying, and will pay later when the computing device is available. nevertheless, the law allows for tow operators to can charge valued clientele a 2.5 % surcharge for the use of a bank card.

• The county might extra effortlessly kick a tow enterprise out of Broward. Any enterprise that breaks the county suggestions three times in a yr, or whose license turned into suspended or revoked in the past two years in different places — and upheld, if the tow operator contested — could have its Broward license yanked. The equal goes for a tow operator with a crook heritage in auto-linked crimes.

• Tows would have to be licensed by using the house owner or designee, as is the case now, however tow companies would not be allowed to offer "lot-monitoring capabilities'' to fulfill that requirement.

• The county could drive a tow enterprise to reimburse a driver for extreme fees. And tow corporations would should provide, on a separate sheet of paper, a be aware telling shoppers they can complain to the county, and featuring the phone quantity.

The focal point on towing started in 2011, after a infamous mass-towing incident at Sawgrass Mills Mall in dawn. The reverberations continue.

On Black Friday browsing day that year, All County Towing eliminated greater than 300 vehicles from a whole lot around the mall. the ensuing uproar led dawn after which Broward County to flow strict towing laws.

first light became looking at when Black Friday came around final fall. The city suspended All County's allow on Nov. 28, after the police chief mentioned it used predatory tactics in towing 94 vehicles from seven corporations around Sawgrass Mills Mall on the Thanksgiving/Black Friday looking weekend. The city followed up in January, revoking All County's permit for two years. All County filed a lawsuit, which is pending.

depending on the result of the court case, All County might see its Broward license revoked, as smartly, below what is proposed.

Chris Casale, owner of All County Towing, referred to he hadn't analyzed the proposed county ordinance.

"I've looked at it in brief,'' he observed, requesting that any questions be submitted to him in writing. Casale didn't respond to questions submitted in writing.

At a county meeting Tuesday, lawyer Gary Poliakoff for the Sunshine State Towing affiliation pointed out he hoped to peer some "tweaks.'' For one aspect, he noted businesses could be requested to make use of a secondary method of bank card authorization — with the aid of phone, as an example — if a laptop is down, instead of being forced to release the vehicle devoid of charge.

Broward Commissioner Lois Wexler mentioned the proposed legislations, pushed by means of Commissioner Mark Bogen, "takes it as much as the next level'' in "maintaining the buyers.''

Commissioner Beam Furr said he opposed permitting tow groups to levy a 2.5 percent credit card surcharge.

Commissioners will debate the particulars in June.

Towing prices are set with the aid of the county. Commissioners improved the costs ultimate 12 months. For a tow from inner most property, the allowed charge is $120. After six hours in storage, a $24 each day storage can charge is brought. If the owner takes 24 hours or extra to reach at the tow yard, a $30 administrative payment can also be added.

if you consider you have been overcharged or wish to find out more, go to www.broward.org or name the county at 954-765-4400.

bwallman@tribune.com or 954-356-4541. On Twitter @BrittanyWallman and @BrowardPolitics.

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