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The Voice That stored a Truck Driver Alive - WLTX.com

due to News19 Viewers, we were capable of finding the man who a truck driver says helped save his existence.

Sonia Gutierrez, wltx 7:33 PM. EST may also 12, 2016

As quickly as Joe heard the voice on the video he talked about, "sure! yes! that is him! it's the person who saved my lifestyles." (photograph: WLTX)

Augusta, GA (WLTX) - A prayer and phrases of encouragement yelled from a bridge helped retailer a truck driver who plunged right into a river. 

Joe Stroman had to swim out of the cabin of an 18-wheeler after it skidded off the Interstate 20 bridge in Kershaw County earlier this month, and into the Wateree River, some 40 feet under.

outdated insurance: click right here for the interview with Stroman. 

while he was laying on the truck awaiting first responders, he says there become a voice coming from above that would not let him give up.

"He kept telling me, 'sir in case you could hear me movement your arm, move your leg' and that i did what he informed me" said Stroman. "He saved me conscious and he saved my lifestyles."

the person at the back of the voice has been identified thanks for the overwhelming response News19 bought from our viewers about who it might possibly be. An e mail with a hyperlink to a fb video lead us to Fernando Brunch. 

"God is with you Sir, we appropriate here, we correct right here nothing is going to turn up, you're a powerful man" is what Brunch turned into yelling to the hardly responding physique of Joe Stroman. The interplay turned into captured on the fb video.

As soon as Joe heard the voice on the video,he referred to, "yes! sure! that's him! it really is the person who saved my lifestyles."

It turned into the power to battle for a life that introduced these two guys collectively. perhaps that's applicable; because it turns out, Bunch is a professional boxer from Augusta, Georgia who become in South Carolina on his approach back from a match.

"I battle, I instruct challenging and when it comes down to those sorts of cases, what would you do?," spoke of Brunch all the way through an interview with News19. "You battle, you don't quit and that's what Mr. Joe did."

"I'm seeing a man laying on true of his truck laying on a puddle of his personal blood so I simply did what my parents always taught me to do I prayed" defined Brunch.

Bunch lost his uncle to cancer and the day before the break he become buried in Florida. He desired to make sure no other baby become left and not using a father, like his cousins. 

It was a mixture of his religion and inner warrior that lead him to battle alongside Mr. Stroman. 

Joe, Fernando and the response rescue crew are all scheduled to fulfill subsequent week. News19 will convey you to the reunion. 

observe from reporter Sonia Gutierrez: thank you to each person who e-mailed me, if it wasn't on your participation we do not have discovered that voice that saved Joe's lifestyles. here's your story. 

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